Davenies Preparatory School

Davenies is an independent school for boys ages 4-13. We produced a series of video maps for potential students and parents to attend virtual tours.

Project Summary

Davenies is an independent school for boys ages 4-13. The school’s philosophy is to engage, inspire and challenge boys as they grow. 

The school wanted to give potential students and parents a tour around the school but, due to the pandemic, were unable to invite people in person. Feel Good Films was hired to provide video content in the form of video maps to show off the Davenies experience - a type of marketing completely new to them.

We decided to create a series of films, one for every subject within the school. From Art and Design to English, every mini-brand film would help tell the story of the school in emotive detail while having no mention of COVID in order to ensure the content would have a long lifespan.

We spent three days shooting - visiting every classroom to capture every experience the students were having. We also interviewed teachers and students to gain deeper insight into their curriculum. These films were used to create a virtual interactive map on their website. The goal of video production for schools is to guide prospective parents and students to click and watch the videos and gain an understanding of each individual subject, wherever they were in the world.

Davenies Preparatory - Introduction

Headmaster Introduction

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"We loved working with Feel Good Films, all in all a fabulous job. All of the films created are wonderful and their craftsmanship is superb."

Steffi Plumridge - Head Of Marketing