Pub In The Park

We created promotional videos for Pub in the Park, a popular food and music festival tour in the UK, for use in their social media marketing campaigns.

Project Summary

Pub in the Park, a beloved UK food and music festival, aimed to elevate their social media marketing with engaging promotional videos. Feel Good Films offered a comprehensive brand film experience to showcase the exceptional customer experience at their Chichester event. Our team crafted a 60-second social media video, serving as both a captivating brand film and a top-of-the-funnel marketing tool. Beginning with an immersive site inspection, we meticulously designed a storyboard to capture the essence of the Pub in the Park brand, emphasizing the joy, passion, and community spirit experienced by attendees. Our film also highlights the safe and family-friendly environment, ensuring an inclusive and memorable experience. Specializing in leisure industry video production, Feel Good Films blends dynamic visuals, compelling storytelling, and strategic messaging to create films that embody the spirit of the brand and captivate audiences.

“The team loved the fresh approach and thought it really showed the best side of Pub in the Park! "

David Westman - Marketing Executive

Pub In The Park - Brand Film

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