Pub In The Park

Pub in the Park is a popular food and music festival tour in the UK.

Project Summary

Pub in the Park had only ever created basic video assets in the past. Feel Good Films pitched them a full brand film experience, to showcase the customer experience at their touchstone event in Chichester.

We created a 60 second social media video to use as a brand film on their website, and as a top-of-the-funnel marketing tool for future events, as well.

Our process began with a site inspection to gain familiarity with the environment we were working with. We created a storyboard and started to piece together all the unique elements that embody the brand. More than just food and music, we wanted to highlight the customer journey; this includes the joy, passion and sense of community experienced by all. The film also captures the safe, family friendly environment Pub in the Park cultivates for everyone attending.

Pub In The Park - Brand Film

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“The team loved the fresh approach and thought it really showed the best side of Pub in the Park! "

David Westman - Marketing Executive