The Painted Turtle Summer Camp

The Painted Turtle is a non-profit summer camp providing experiences to ill children. We helped them with event recording to support their mission.

Project Summary

The Painted Turtle, a non-profit summer camp offering incredible experiences to children with life-threatening illnesses, faced a shift in fundraising due to the pandemic. In 2020, they successfully pivoted to a virtual Camp-A-Thon and enlisted Feel Good Films for the 2021 event. We created a captivating one-hour and twenty-minute prerecorded live stream that brought the magic of camp to families' living rooms. The event showcased not only the camp's enchantment but also the supportive programs for families beyond the camp gates. Incorporating zoom recordings, self-filmed interviews, and professional onsite interviews, the promotional videos captured The Painted Turtle's love and joy. Through our collaboration, we accurately depicted the camp's wonderful programming while embracing the event's overarching theme – Somos Familia (We Are Family).


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