The Painted Turtle Summer Camp

The Painted Turtle is a non-profit summer camp that provides incredible experiences to children with life-threatening and chronic illnesses at no cost to their families, In order to support their mission.

Project Summary

The Painted Turtle has historically relied heavily on in-person fundraising events, but like many other organisations, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced them to rethink their approach. In 2020, the uncertainty of the pandemic caused The Painted Turtle to swerve to a virtual fundraising event— a Camp-A-Thon. The success of the event in 2020 encouraged them to put it on again in 2021, but this time, they enlisted the help of Feel Good Films.

We created a one hour and twenty minute long prerecorded live stream event that brought camp to the living rooms of The Painted Turtle families, which opened a window not only to the magic of camp, but also to the programs that have been implemented to help support families outside of the camp gates. This event was a celebration of the love and joy that The Painted Turtle embodies and represents at all times.

This event included a range of footage including zoom recordings, self-filmed interviews, archived footage as well as Feel Good Films professional onsite interviews. Between our on site visits, virtual meetings and storyboarding, we were able to produce a video that accurately depicted The Painted Turtle and its wonderful programming, while embracing the event’s overarching theme– Somos Familia (We Are Family).

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