Go Ape

We worked with Go Ape to produce a range of leisure video production that included short-form videos for social media and large-scale commercials.

Project Summary

As the UK's premier outdoor adventure company, Go Ape specialises in creating thrilling experiences that push individuals beyond their comfort zones within a safe environment. Prior to our partnership in 2021, Go Ape faced challenges in capturing the transformative moments of their customer experience. Since then, Feel Good Films has been their trusted leisure video production partner, seamlessly integrating into their marketing team.

Our collaboration has produced a range of impactful video content, from short-form social media ads to high-impact commercials, driving brand awareness and boosting ticket sales. Explore our recent collaborations below to witness the essence of Go Ape – the thrilling experiences, breathtaking landscapes, and infectious sense of exhilaration that beckon all to embrace their inner adventurer.

Feel Good Films continue to support Go Ape in their video content strategy heading into 2024.

"They are thorough, attentive, responsive and most of all gave us confidence they would deliver, given we weren’t actually able to attend the shoot! We enjoyed working with Feel Good Films, their great communications, they are reliable, thorough and lifted our production to a new level."

Joanne O’Boyle - Head Of Marketing

Go Ape - More Reasons To Adventure

Go Ape - Aberfoyle

Go Ape - Adventures In The City

Go Ape - One Take

Go Ape - Schools

Go Ape - Testimonial

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