Grantham Prep International School

We used video storytelling to help Grantham Preparatory International School celebrate its school community and what it means to be a part of the school.

Project Summary

Grantham Preparatory International School , an esteemed independent day school catering to boys and girls aged three to eleven, prides itself on providing a nurturing educational environment.

At Grantham Prep, the potential of video storytelling remained an uncharted territory, untapped in celebrating their vibrant school community and conveying the essence of being a part of their esteemed institution.

Recognising the immense value of visual storytelling, Grantham Prep sought the expertise of Feel Good Films to help them craft a compelling narrative that would capture the spirit and essence of their school across key areas and focused elements of their community.

With our mastery in video production for schools, Feel Good Films embarked on a journey to bring Grantham Prep's story to life. By carefully weaving together captivating visuals, heartfelt testimonials, and authentic moments, we endeavored to create a series of impactful videos that truly showcase the unique identity and values of Grantham Prep.

Our collaboration with Grantham Prep harnessed the power of video storytelling to convey the school's commitment to academic excellence, nurturing relationships, and holistic development. Through thoughtful storytelling, we aimed to capture the warmth, enthusiasm, and sense of belonging that defines the Grantham Prep experience.

Meet The Parents

Choosing the right school for your child is incredibly important. The parents of Grantham Preparatory International School explain why this school was the right choice for their child.

Meet The Children

‘Meet The Children’ of Grantham Preparatory International School. There is no better way of sharing the impact of your school through the voices of the pupils that experience it.

Early Years

Learn all about what the Early Years at Grantham Preparatory International School.

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“It was a pleasure to welcome you into our small school and the films will be an excellent marketing tool for us.”

Kathryn Korcz - Headmistress