The University of Chichester

We created alumni video content for the University of Chichester to celebrate their alumni to help with a course-focused recruitment campaign.

Project Summary

The University of Chichester, nestled in West Sussex, sought to strengthen course-focused recruitment by celebrating its accomplished alumni. While the university had explored video before, dedicated alumni films were a new endeavor. Our team stepped in to create compelling content, showcasing the personal journey of alumni like Anthony and emphasizing the profound impact the university had on their careers. As experts in video production for schools and universities, we understand the importance of capturing and celebrating alumni achievements.

Our film not only illuminated Anthony's transformative experience but also highlighted the university's role in nurturing talent. We believe alumni video content serves as a powerful recruitment tool, inspiring prospective students and showcasing success stories. Through compelling storytelling, emotive visuals, and strategic messaging, we created a resonant film that emphasizes the university's commitment to academic excellence and career development. Explore the journeys of our esteemed alumni and discover the transformative impact of the University of Chichester.


Anthony's Story

Anthony is post-graduate student from the University of Chichester, this is his story.

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