Up At The O2

We worked to update the Up At The 02 video content. Giving their safety briefing a new lease of life and helping with their social media marketing.

Project Summary

Embark on an extraordinary adventure with Up at the O2, where a guided climb across London's iconic arena roof offers awe-inspiring vistas of famous landmarks. With a decade-long history of captivating visitors, Up at the O2 prioritises an exceptional customer experience.

To elevate safety and satisfaction, they entrusted Feel Good Films to revitalise their safety briefing film and create engaging social media advertisements. Our collaboration aimed to enhance the overall visitor experience, instilling confidence and preparedness for an unforgettable climb. Immerse yourself in the safety film and experience the thrill of Up at the O2 firsthand, witnessing meticulous attention to detail, breathtaking views, and an unrivaled adventure that awaits you. Visit Up at the O2 for your unforgettable journey.

"Feel Good Films were fantastic to work with from start to finish. They stood out with their creativity and concepts to begin with and then offered great communication throughout and even better final output results. A good bunch of people to work with too which is always a bonus."

Daniel Hurst - Head Of Attractions

Up At The O2 - Safety Film Teaser

Up At The O2 - At Night

Take a view of the O2 at night.

Behind The Scenes - Up At The O2

Take a look behind the scenes of our collaboration with Up At The O2's 2023 summer campaign.

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