Canyon Creek Summer Camp

We created branded video content for Canyon Creek a summer camp based in Los Angeles, California. This camp is significant to Feel Good Films Director.

Project Summary

When Feel Good Films joined forces as the production partner for Canyon Creek, we noticed a misalignment between their corporate content and the camp's vibrant culture of fun, learning, adventure, and friendship. Our mission was to create a brand film, "Welcome Home," capturing the heart, soul, and spirit of the camp to attract more campers. Working closely with the camp's senior team, we immersed ourselves in the Canyon Creek culture over two weeks, ensuring an authentic representation of their community. This brand film aimed to spotlight the life-changing experience offered to both campers and counselors, showcasing the diverse offerings and their impact. In true Feel Good Films style, we collaborated extensively from pre-production to delivery to convey the transformative story that Canyon Creek sought to share.

"The reason why we chose and always will choose to use Feel Good films is that they really understood and managed to capture what Canyon Creek is all about."

Nick Coffing - Director

Canyon Creek - Welcome Home

Nick Coffing Director - Testimonial

Daryl & Nathalie Owners - Testimonial

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